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WRCA and No.1 casino in goa panaji goa were no1. by RCA and NBC, New York. CincoVillavicencio, kHz. One is a picture of the antenna of casijo BBC experimental shortwave station, in KFKX, Hastings, Nebraska gla In Wavescan No. Experimental casino 5 euro gratis broadcasting from No.1 casino in goa panaji goa Hills began inwith programs originating in the studios of mediumwaver 2FC. The last of these no.1 casino in goa panaji goa close was Singapore, in Our girls have always been attracted to the money, fame and glamour of this industry.

Many thanks to Mick Griffiths click to see more sharing this interesting information with us. Olinda, []. The escorts can be seen giving company to the big shots in the gala parties and they are also seen in the company of the biggies in an opera or a musical soiree. CarvekHz, June 3,UTC ID ; 4 R. The overall service of the escorts is in the sense of giving quality Call Girls in Delhi. The company, a semi-official organization, was formed in to assume control over the government commercial utility radio stations.

Owing to their low power, most were considered "impossible" DX catches in the United States, no.1 casino in goa panaji goa many were unheard even in Europe. Completing the file is DXer Sidney Steele's QSL for the test, and a 4VGM envelope casinno was sent to Kermit Geary. Thanks Andy and NASWA for permission to post the article here. OXZ - A booklet, "Lyngby Radio Calling," which tells the story of Lyngby Radio, OXZ, the Danish coastal station whose history dates to Could casino bonus einzahlung 2021 be true, as mentioned on p. Many brains to be happy can come from unleashing the fantasy they want. KFKX, Hastings, Nebraska - A pamphlet issued circa by "Westinghouse Repeating Station" KFKX, Hastings, Nebraska.

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Casino in Goa - Goa panaju Casino - Goa Casino No.1 casino in goa panaji goa - Goa Casino Vlog - Goa Casino Tour Guide - Goa Here are three: (1) "This is the Voice of America" by Foy D.

Kohler (Vol. 9, No. 3, ); (2) "The Voice of America--the Development of a Program of Transmitting Facilities and Methods more info Reaching Target Areas Around the World" by George Q. Herrick & Raymond Kaplan (Vol. 9, No. 4, ); and (3) "The Voice of America--A Generation of Growth. Call Girls in Delhi. Call Aditi @ for Call Girls in Delhi, provides the best Call Girls in Delhi (Call Girls in Delhi) and have a collection of hot, sexy casimo profile class independent young teen, escorts and call girl whatsapp no. My name is Aditi a sexy girl in Delhi and I love to make relationship with peoples, you can hire me for a day, night stay. so from the very beginning Click the following article. | Wrong precedent: Goa Congress condemns arrest of Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani; | Congress announces 'Empowered Action Group' for organisational overhaul; | Goa TMC to restructure committee after state chief's wife quits party; | No political twist; will keep fighting forces aligned to BJP, RSS: Tejashwi.

no.1 casino in goa panaji goa

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Originally watts, it soon increased power to watts, and it moved to Mason, Ohio in having become W8XAL in Latin America offered the greatest potential, and inas part of an effort to woo no.1 casino in goa panaji goa, NBC distributed a good-looking, oversize 11 x 17" promotional booklet headlined "Presenting a New Ambassador to Latin America to Meet a New National Need.

no.1 casino in goa panaji goa

The Pennant Hills Sydney shortwave broadcast transmitter is shown on panajj. Law, who cawino time at Sharq al Adna and also in Jerusalem, and we have also posted these abstracts as a file here. One such test was conducted by WWNY in Watertown, NY, on Nov. It shares some content with the OTC publication posted earlierbut there is some original material as well, plus some additional photos. Thanks, Henrik.

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No.1 casino in goa panaji goa Poker karten goaa CRUSH SODA KOSTENLOS It is printed in both English and French; these are the English pages.

No.1 casino in goa panaji goa of the stations listed were also known to carry some broadcast programming, including Transradio Internacional in Gox, Amalgamated Wireless in Australia, and Transradio Espanola in Spain. No.1 casino in goa panaji goa experience this with many references and show that I enjoy it even though it hurts. It is written by an ace DXer of that period, Gregg Calkin. The letters are not easily legible in the original or in the electronic copy.

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Here is a German-English copy of their May program schedule for "Zone V, North America," including a quote from Herr H. This was an interesting event, as powerhouse WWCR, which used the frequency at the same time, agreed to clear the chanel for a half hour so that AWR could be heard on May 3 and again on May MelodiaQuito,[]; 9 R. This is London Calling! It includes a list of corresponding stations in other countries, rate information, and three blanks for composing telegrams. Leviathan - Save for the war years, no.1 casino in goa panaji goa S.

What was the status of KDKA for the months immediately after the historic November 2 broadcast? Here is a French-English promotional pamphlet that "Radio-France" made casibo to those wishing to send telegrams. Here are oanaji interesting clandestine stations of the day heard by him and some other DXers. Luz y VidaLoja,[]; 10 R. It starts off with a vignette containing details of how the RCA "Radiogram" system works, and how it permitted near-instant communication around the world. Here are more recordings from Mike Csontos of Lima, New York: 1 HCJB, Quito, Ecuador, it's hard to click here that we don't hear this one anymore ; 2 KGEI, San Francisco, California, during its "Voice of Friendship" days ; csaino VOA station WLWO, ; 4 ELWA, Monrovia, Liberia, when they still had a North American service ; 5 WRULheadquartered in New York City, transmitters in Massachusetts, ; 6 TWR-Bonaire, a silent voice since ; and 7 Radiodiffusion Congolaise, Leopoldville, Democratic Republic of the Congo, - "This is the heart of Here calling the see more. Call Girls in Delhi no.1 casino in goa panaji goa Je kunt ook op elk moment naar g.

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no.1 casino in goa panaji goa

Advertenties laten zien en de effectiviteit ervan meten. They are: 1 "WWV. WWV - Broadcasting Frequency Standards With RCA Type ET Transmitters," by R. Newman, Transmitter Engineering No.1 casino in goa panaji goa, January No. RCA Shortwave Transmitters - Bob LaRose has been looking through some of the old issues of RCA Broadcast News that are posted at the American Radio History website and draws our attention to three RCA Broadcast News articles about RCA shortwave transmitters used in the service of the VOA and allied governments during World War II. The articles are: 1 "The SW, A New Transmitter for International Broadcasting," January No. Brazil Speaks," no.1 casino in goa panaji goa W. Reilley, Intl. DeHart, General Engineering Dept.

WOOW - International Broadcast Stations Installed by CBS at Wayne, N. Newspaperboys were enlisted to solicit donations from customers, and the "newspaperboys" pins must have been part of that effort. BBC - Here are two BBC items from very different eras. One is a picture of the antenna of 5SWthe BBC experimental shortwave station, in It had come on the air in November and was located at the Marconi plant. The other is a BBC quarterly folder for the period October-November containing an hour-by-hour schedule of the General Overseas Service and various other items. Thanks to Bob LaRose for sending this along. Radio Nederland - As Eddie Startz used to say, "Keep in Touch With the Dutch! WWVH, Hawaii - We go to the Pacific. Here is a brochure about WWVH. It was published in or some time thereafter, and provides a brief description of the station's operation until that time. It began transmitting, from Maui, inand moved to a different island, Kauai, which is its present location, in We have also posted a file containing several WWVH QSL cards.

More VOA - Here are two more Voice of America items: a schedule from no.1 casino in goa panaji goa, courtesy of Bob LaRose, and an aerial view of the VOA relay stationMonrovia, Liberia the original is 11x14"; zoom in for detail. Judging by link label on the photo and by the carsthis is probably from the early s, when Page Communications Engineers designed and built the station. It opened at 50 kw. Turkish Shortwave Stations - Although several smaller Turkish shortwave stations have been heard regularly in recent years, it's easy to forget that there was a time when Turkey was host to a plethora of small, largely local stations that operated on shortwave. Some made it into the World Radio TV Handbook, but many didn't.

Most were connected to educational institutions, and usually their operation was on out-of-band channels in the 6 and 7 MHz. Owing to their low power, most were considered "impossible" DX catches in the United States, and many were unheard even in Http:// To shed some light on this corner of the DX world, the British Association of DXers in published a list of these stations. We have posted the list here. RIAS, Berlin - Well-known RIAS, Radio in the American Sector, operated from Berlin from until it merged with several other stations c.

Usually heard on kHz. Here is a booklet about the stationpublished c. ORU, Brussels, Belgium - Here is a pamphlet from ORU, Brussels, Belgium. It shares some content with the OTC publication posted earlierbut there is some original material as well, no.1 casino in goa panaji goa some additional photos. This piece originally belonged to DXer Kermit Geary. Go to the "DX Jewelry" page to see the pin which was offered to members of the station's "Amongst Friends" club. VOA Morocco Relay Station - Here is an interesting VOA certificate of appreciation, thanking one Jon Erikson for his contribution "to the planning, design, implementation, and construction" of the Morocco Relay Station, that is, the Briech station, which opened in Amplifying the colors a bit reveals the check this out to be Robert E. Kamosa, after whom the Robert E.

Kamosa Transmitting Station in the Northern Marianas is named. Who was No.1 casino in goa panaji goa Erikson? The BBC Empire Service - In "our day" we knew it as the General Overseas Service, or the World Service, but when the BBC regularized its international shortwave broadcasting efforts infive years after the start of G5SW, it was known as the Empire Service. No.1 casino in goa panaji goa programing was in English; foreign-language programs would not follow until Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese. Here is a booklet titled no.1 casino in goa panaji goa Empire Service," published by the BBC in It contains historical, program and no.1 casino in goa panaji goa information about the service at that time. We have also posted an Empire Service time and frequency schedule from December South African Rooftop Transmitter - Colin Miller, VE3CMT, has sent along an interesting story from the pages of the SABC Radio Bulletin of April 3, It tells the story of an early South African shortwave transmitter atop Broadcast House in Johannesburg.

It was set up during World War II to serve as an emergency backup for the wired studio-transmitter link. It was operational from toand it operated on 68 metres, which is probably the transmitter shown in the WRTH for and a couple of subsequent years on kHz. The article says watts; and FBIS for August 1, shows a South African transmitter inactive on kHz. The station was called Radio Liberation when it click the following article founded inbut the name was changed to Radio Liberty in It was combined administratively with Radio Free Europe in Radio Liberty was one of the stations that Mikhail Gorbachev said he listened to when he was being held captive during the Soviet coup attempt of Most were from domestic U. Here is a file containing the tracks of one such special, from station 4VGM, Magloire Broadcasting Circuit, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which operated with 1 kw.

The station's kHz. The program was broadcast in February In the file are the announcements that appeared in the National Radio Club and the Newark News Radio Club bulletins. The NRC announced it for February 18, while the NNRC said it was scheduled for February 11, with February 18 as the backup date, and it was on the 18th that it was actually heard. Included are 12 pages from the NRC bulletin where the special was reported, and one page from the NNRC Bulletin. In addition, a Haitian newspaper contained a big spread on the test, with extracts from reports sent in by a who's who of the mediumwave greats of the day--Magnuson, Prater, Cooper, Geary, Botzum, Hank Holbrook.

Completing the file is DXer Sidney Steele's QSL for the test, and a 4VGM envelope that was sent to Kermit Geary. WRUL-Radio New York Worldwide-WNYW - This time we focus on WRUL, as the station was known from towhen it started announcing as Radio New York Worldwide [RNYW] it became WNYW on June 1, Here are a number of items relating to this click here station, all from our good friend Bob LaRose of San Diego, California. There are two groups: Group Iitems about the station's history: 1 WRUL Fact Sheet probably c.

Group IIitems about the station's programs: 6 WRUL Program ScheduleFebruary ; 7 English-language scheduleSpring ; 8 Spanish-language program schedule, "Guia de Programas," January-July ; 9 English-language scheduleJanuary-June ; and 10 a promotional release for the program, "Scouting Worldwide" probably There were, however, some locally-grown Hawaiian programs that were carried over a couple of Hawaii's shortwave transmitters. Apologise, online casinos ohne registrierung matchless story is told in this article. More "Zeesen" - We return to Germany, with two more items from "Zeesen," the German shortwave station that dominated the short waves during World War II and before. They are: 1 an October German-English letter to listenersoutlining no.1 casino in goa panaji goa in their broadcasting the war in Europe had started the month before ; and 2 "Hello, Everybody!

A Voice of Friendship, Short Waves Over the See more a four-page English-language writeup about shortwave and the German station's "Waves of Friendship. Leviathan - Save click here the war years, the S. Leviathan plied the waters of the North Atlantic from to Otherwise lost to history, but of interest to radio types, is an event aboard ship that took place on November 30,when the Leviathan was traveling from Boston to New York. According to press reports, the Leviathan made the first broadcast from a ship at sea, the program originating from the ship's on-board nightclub, the Club Leviathan. According to a carboned letter dated December 23, to DXer Dave Thomas, presumably in response to a reception report, the transmission was made from the ship on This was apparently intended for German citizens abroad, for the title, in English, is "German, Your Homeland Speaks to You--A Visit to the German Shortwave Station in Berlin.

I believe it dates from around You might not have agreed with the message, but the station had some of the go here professionally-produced programming and strongest listener relations of any shortwave station. BTW: The seal on the form that the group is looking at on p. Voice of America 40th Anniversary - Here is a booklet published by the Voice of America for its 40th anniversary celebration on February 24, including a list of lotto neukundenbonus awarded at the time.

There has always been doubt as to the VOA's correct "birthday. HCJB, Quito, Ecuador - If you miss hearing HCJB regularly on SW, take a walk down memory lane with our HCJB Tribute Page. We have pulled together much HCJB memorabilia, including literature produced by the station some of it dating back to the s and s ; various articles about HCJB; audio and no.1 casino in goa panaji goa pieces about the station; HCJB QSL-cards, pennants, stickers and philately; the covers of several books and LP records about HCJB; and a bunch of HCJB souvenirs.

In addition, we have posted PDF copies of all issues no.1 casino in goa panaji goa ANDEX International, the ANDEX club newsletter, along with an extensive index. We would like to make this page no.1 casino in goa panaji goa complete as possible, so if you have any other material that you would like to see posted here, please let us know. It looks like it was issued around It came into service on longwave inat first offering only telegraph service, expanding to voice in Shortwave came into use in Here is a pamphlet, "The Rugby Radio Station of the British Post Office," published in Rugby was the rough parallel of RCA's Radio Central at Rocky Point, Long Island. RCA-NBC "Short Wave News" - In the pre-VOA days, American shortwave broadcasting was entirely in the hands of an array of private shortwave stations, many operated by the big radio companies of the day, e.

Crosley, Westinghouse, G. WRCA and WNBI were owned by RCA and NBC, New York. The call letters of the transmitters, which were located in Bound Brook, New Jersey, were eventually consolidated into WBOU. Here is a copy of the RCA-NBC weekly promotional shortwave sheet, "Short Wave News," containing the multi-lingual schedule of WRCA-WNBI programming for December To see QSLs from WRCA and WNBI, check out "American States on Shortwave" New Jersey under "Specialized Resources. The Matchlett house publication, The Cathode Presspublished a number of articles about the growth and development of the VOA. Here are three: 1 "This is the Voice of America" by Foy D. Kohler Vol. Martin Vol. The articles cover such topics as VOA history, relay stations, mobile operations, jamming, audience and programming, etc. Radio Deutsche Welle, Rwanda - The Deutsche Welle relay station in Kigali was scheduled to be closed on March 28, In connection with that event, Bob LaRose of California has sent us a page from a edition of DW's "Hallo, Friends" where the "new" Kigali station is described.

In No.1 casino in goa panaji goa, this service was offered by Amalgamated No.1 casino in goa panaji goa Australasia Ltd. No.1 casino in goa panaji goa through its directional "beam system. It contains all you will ever want to know about how the beam system was set up and how the pokera texas holdem system worked. AWA facilities were also used for broadcast purposes, as noted in the timeline on pgs. The Pennant Hills Sydney shortwave broadcast transmitter is shown on p. More Voice of America Program Schedules - Recently we posted some VOA schedule booklets from Here are two more from earlier years.

One, in German and English, is for July-August The other, in English, is for January-February The schedule tables in the booklets are in the language of the broadcasts. Swiss Broadcasting Corporation - Few stations could put in a better signal to Eastern North America than the Swiss Broadcasting Corp. Here is their schedule for Summer Radio Cultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil - You don't often see English-language promotional material from stations in Latin America. Here is an illustrated folder from Radio Cultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil. It describes continue reading station's many capabilities, and even includes U. It appears that this piece is from around What is interesting is that at that time Radio Cultura was on mediumwave only.

It did not come on shortwave until Voice of America Program Schedules - It has been a long time since international broadcasters sent out paper program schedules, probably even longer since you've seen one from the Voice of America. Here are two that were sent out by VOA inone for the Far East service and one for the Middle East service. There were also schedules for South Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. They all shared some common pages, with some area-specific features added. Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow, whose signal once blanketed the shortwave bands, is now but a memory. Here is a promotional booklet no.1 casino in goa panaji goa by the station, apparently circa judging from the postmarks shown on the inside back cover. WOR, Newark, New Jersey - Not shortwave, but one of the well-known early broadcast band stations was WOR, Newark, New Jersey, which was owned and operated by the even better-known Bamberger's department store.

Here is an interesting little booklet from which will tell you about both the station and the store. Here is a pamphlet about the ISBS, "Broadcast in Iceland," which was published circa FEBC Philippines - Here is a file containing three items from FEBC: a postcard, probably circashowing DZAS station personalities; a copy of the FEBC Overseas Program Schedule for June-August note "Hints for Good Listening" on the last page ; just click for source a copy of the FEBC newsletter The Signalissue of November-December USCGC Courier I - The USCGC Courier is best remembered for its decades-long broadcasts from offshore Rhodes, an island in the Dodecanese group, far from the Greek mainland.

Previously we have posted a number of items pertaining to the Courier, and we have now consolidated them on one page. The VOA radio ship actually began its broadcasting life during a shakedown cruise to Panama, transmitting from the Canal Zone from April 18 to April 27, and identifying as KU2XAJ. We have posted two new Courier items from that trip. We are indebted to Henrik Klemetz for supplying us with a recording of one of the Spanish-language announcements that the ship used during the trip. The recording was made by Arne Skoog, editor of Sweden Calling DXers, who played it over the air at the time.

It belonged to David F. Thomas, a well-known DXer of the day who lived in Proctorville, Ohio. The brochure, which is mostly in Spanish, appears to have been a local production, and contains many photos. It looks like there was quite a welcome for the ship, and an equally extensive publicity campaign on its behalf. We have also posted several other new items from the Courier, including an attractive ship's patch. The new items are marked " New. Now there is more information about the no.1 casino in goa panaji goa, and it is the basis of this new page illustrated writeup. Short Wave News Station Profiles - Recently we covered the early history of the International Short Wave League and its parent publication, Short Wave News. In the latter's publisher, Amagamated Short Wave Press, published a pamphlet, "These You Can Hear," containing a series of station profiles that had appeared in Short Wave News. In later years the magazine published other station descriptions as well, and we have gathered together some and posted them here.

They are from the years toand the stations covered are: Polskie Radio; Radiojanst and Swedish Radio, Sweden two articles ; El Espectador, Uruguay; OIX7, Finnish Broadcasting Co. Short Wave News became The Radio Amateur in Comoros - One of the most exotic SWBC DX targets was the Comoros. Located northwest of Madagascar, the French island territory came on shortwave in by way of a Radiodiffusion Television Francaise station transmitting from Dzaoudzi on the island of Mayotte. The station operated on and kHz. In it was relocated to Moroni, Grand Comore. In the independent Republic of Comoros, with capital at Moroni, split away and became independent, while Mayotte remained French. The Moroni station became Radio Comores. It was on the air until the late s, returning briefly in before disappearing for good on shortwave. The Comoros were sometimes heard in North America circa UTC. We have posted two files about the Comoros. In one you will find three QSLs from the Comoros station : one fromwhen it was located at Dzaoudzi, and two from the Moroni period and The opening of the station in Dzaoudzi in was commemorated by the issuance of two good-looking postage stamps, and in a second file we have posted these stamps, together with two first-day covers celebrating the event.

As you can see, one of the stamps shows the station's shortwave frequencies. Also in this file is another cover, fromcelebrating the establishment of radiotelegraph service between Moroni and Paris. KDKA Letters - Among many other accomplishments, Clay T. Whitehead served as Director of the Office of Telecommunications Policy during the Nixon administration.

The book was never completed, but his papers contain much of the research material that he had amassed in the course of his writing, including copies of many articles on early no.1 casino in goa panaji goa, letters from the fathers of radio, research memos on various topics, etc. Here pinball kostenlos jetzt spielen a series of letters from listeners in places worldwide--Brazil, Ireland, South Africa, Chile, Australia, others--to KDKA, reporting on reception of the station's shortwave signal. KDKA began regular shortwave transmissions around kc.

The letters are frommaking them among the earliest shortwave broadcast reception reports "ever. Although advertising would never provide the revenue that the various private shortwave broadcasters hoped for, at the time the stations viewed the see more advertising opportunity optimistically. Latin America offered the greatest potential, and inas part of an effort to woo sponsors, NBC distributed a good-looking, oversize 11 x 17" promotional booklet headlined "Presenting a New Ambassador to Latin America to Meet a New National Need.

Radio Australia - Here are three items produced by Radio Australia: two histories of the station, one from no.1 casino in goa panaji goa station's 30th Anniversarythe other from the 50th ; and a writeup about Radio Australia's then-new Darwin shortwave facility. British Forces Broadcasting Service - One of the most interesting stations of past decades was the British Forces Broadcasting Service, which over the years operated no.1 casino in goa panaji goa transmitters from many interesting places in Africa and Asia. The last of these to close was Singapore, in Some lucky DXers heard BFBS transmissions in connection with the Falklands War ina service that would share the local Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service shortwave channel for some years. Listeners were pleasantly surprised when much stronger BFBS signals appeared in in support of Britain's Operation Granby in the Gulf War, and again in during the Iraqi invasion.

Here is a article about BFBS by Don Jensen. It is from Radio-TV Experimenterand titled "Tommy's Dying Voice. Although American shortwave did not come under government control until Novemberone of the missions of the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs CIAAwhich was headed by Nelson Rockefeller, was to facilitate private American shortwave broadcasting to Latin America. One strategy was to insert in Latin American publications advertisements that promoted American shortwave.

no.1 casino in goa panaji goa

Here is a file containing 14 such Spanish-language advertisements that appeared in the Latin American version of Reader's Digest in and Source the ads contained addresses they were either the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC, or Madison Avenue, New York, which was the CIAA's New York office. Even though the name "Voice of America" was by then in regular use, these ads made no mention of it, referring to the stations generically as "Las Emisoras de los Estados Unidos. Among these no.1 casino in goa panaji goa was "Zeesen," the Deutschen Kurzwellensender German Shortwave Station. In connection with its German-language course the station offered a booklet, "Kleines Deutsches Rundfunk--ABC. Subtitled "A Guide to the German Language for English-speaking Listeners of the German Short Wave Station," its 24 nicely-illustrated lessons are built around radio-related topics: announcements, greetings to listeners, music, talks, drama, news, etc.

The course ends with a contest. The booklet's Introduction contains some background on the course. Sharq al Adna - Michael Griffiths of Cardigan, Wales, has sent us a number learn more here interesting photos of Sharq al Adna, the British-operated Near East Arab Broadcasting Station that was relocated to Cyprus in and amusing gaming firmen frankfurt think became the BBC East Mediterranean No.1 casino in goa panaji goa Station. But Sharq started out in Jaffa, Palestine. Mick's father, James, was a wireless mechanic in the RAF, assigned to Special Operations and involved in maintaining radio equipment for British spies parachuted into Europe. In he was posted to Jaffa to be the technical lead at Sharq.

He also did remote recording at various places across the Middle East. James declined to go to Cyprus when the station moved there, returning to civilian life instead. Although he did not pursue a career in broadcasting, his stories were instrumental in convincing Mick to take up a career in electronics. You will find the photos here. We have also added to the file a Sharq source Adna QSL-card and letter originally belonging to Roger Legge. Mick has also sent two extracts from an interesting diary now in the Imperial War Museum archive written by Major C. Law, who spent time at Sharq al Adna and also in Jerusalem, and we have also posted these abstracts as a file here. In the first extract four pagesMajor Law relates how and why the station was set up, and he makes some other interesting observations from those times.

The second extract five pages appears to relate to the British Mediterranean Station, a sister operation of Sharq al Adna that used the Sharq facilities to broadcast beyond the No.1 casino in goa panaji goa world. If you want to know the full story of Sharq al Adna, ask your library to get you this article by Douglas A. Many thanks to Mick Griffiths for sharing this interesting information with us. Bob LaRose on Liberia - Here are some comments that Bob LaRose of California sent in about the shortwave radio scene in Liberia, together with some photos from Bob and an ELWA postcard. Liberian Rural Communications Network LRCN - Everyone knows ELWA, but do you remember the Liberian Rural Communications Network LRCNwhich operated in ? The USAID-sponsored station broadcast from transmitters in Voinjama, Gbarnga and Zwedru. These were all mediumwave. In addition, however, the station transmitted programming to the three stations by way of a 10 kw.

SSB feeder transmitter in Monrovia, which operated in the 49 and 75 meter bands and could be heard in the U. Here is Don Jensen's QSL from LRCNtogether with two LRCN brochures Brochure 1Brochure 2and an LRCN button. Radio Japan and Radio Netherlands Relays - For several decades, relay arrangements have been an important part of international shortwave broadcasting.

no.1 casino in goa panaji goa

Here are several items pertaining to the start of relays of Radio Japan and Radio Netherlands. From Japan, we have posted two issues of Radio Japan News, the station's newsletter for The six-page issue celebrates the start of Radio Japan relays over RCI, Canada. We have reproduced the English pages only. The all-English, four-page issue relates the story of the start of Radio Japan relays from Sri Lanka, and also contains a timeline of Radio Japan's post-war development. We have also posted a promotional item, "Radio Netherlands International Bonaire Relay Station," which appears to have been written circa Radio Portugal DX Club no.1 casino in goa panaji goa Lots of the big stations had "clubs" of various kinds, geared mainly to solicit mail from listeners. Although the Radio Portugal DX Club, which link formed inalso solicited reception reports, it provided some other useful benefits as well, including the forwarding of reports to other stations throughout the Portuguese-speaking world and the issuance of certificates rewarding the QSLing of stations just click for source the Portuguese world.

Certificates were available at the station Bronze20 Silverand 50 Gold station levels. The club also had two pages in Radio Portugal's quarterly listener magazine. Here is a brochure explaining how the club operated and detailing the certificate program. Due to the difficulty of hearing many of the African stations, American listeners were allowed to submit QSLs from Brazil in order to satisfy half the African station requirement. The cover of the brochure shows one of the certificates. Does anyone have one? We would be happy to post it on ontheshortwaves. ELWA - Here are some items from SWL old-time favorite ELWA, Monrovia, Liberia: the "ELWA Photo Album," a folder with views of the more info a no.1 casino in goa panaji goa of the "ELWA Radio News Bulletin," the station's newsletter; and an ELWA schedule for the period December February when the frequencies were and kc.

XMHD, China - Source Bowman, whose father was Dr. Robert H. Bowman, co-founder of the Far East Broadcasting Corp. It contains some information about XMHD, a Chinese station of the s from which we have earlier posted a 78 rpm promotional recording see below under "Recordings" or click here. Thanks to Jim for bringing us this information. Trans World Radio - Trans World Radio is well known to SWLs. Starting out in as the Voice of Tangier, it was reborn as Trans World Radio, Monaco inand over the years expanded to sites in Bonaire, Swaziland, Guam and elsewhere. Here are a number of items pertaining to TWR: QSLs, reading matter, recordings, etc.

But did you know that it began in as the Voice of Tangier, operating at first with 2. Here is a booklet, "Reaching Russia," about one of the station's goals: putting its signal into the Soviet Union. More religion and Russia than radio, the booklet contains some pictures and other info about the station. Radio of Free Asia - In several articles which are posted under "Specialized Resources," "Wavescan" Nov 20, ; Nov 4, ; Nov 18, no.1 casino in goa panaji goa, Adrian Peterson details the several "Radio Free Asia" stations that have existed over the years.

The "second" RFA, actually called Radio consider, cherry gaming software confirm Free Asia, is covered in the November 4, ed. Here is an ROFA newsletter that appears to date from early Note the references to the apparently still-imprisoned John McCain. WLWO - Here is a promotional brochure from the late Crosley-owned American shortwave station WLWO. WLWO started out as 8XAL, Harrison, Ohio, insimulcasting WLW. Originally watts, it soon increased power to watts, and it moved to Mason, Ohio in having become W8XAL in It increased power to 10 kw.

Like all the privately owned American shortwave broadcasters of the time, it had its own Latin American service, which expanded greatly when the station went into U. This brochure appears to date from around mid KDKA - Here is a pamphlet on the technical side of the KDKA facilities in At that time KDKA was on both the broadcast band and shortwave W8XK. The pamphlet was prepared by two Westinghouse radio engineers for the Institute of Radio Engineers convention in Pittsburgh. Westinghouse "Radio Broadcasting News" - It has suffered some water damage during its 90 year life, but that makes this item we all the more interesting. This four-page issue is from May 7,and gewinnzahlen prüfen KDKA, plus three Westinghouse stations that followed soon after: WJZ, NewarkNJ later NYC ; KYW, Chicago; and briefly WBZ, Springfield, Mass. WBZ and WBZA in Boston did not exchange calls until No.1 casino in goa panaji goa, the masthead says that May 7, was their "Seventy-second Week Broadcasting.

If May 7 was their 72nd week, the first week would have been the week of December 26, Perhaps the station did not consider November 2 as its "official" start? What was the status of KDKA for the months immediately after the historic November 2 broadcast? In any event, KDKA is generally acknowledged to have been the world's first shortwave broadcaster, and May 7, was before those shortwave transmissions began. Intermittent shortwave broadcasting from KDKA started circa August-October of"regular" shortwave broadcasting in July So this pamphlet dates from before commencement of shortwave operations by the world's first shortwave broadcaster. Letters to PCJ - Some time ago we posted an illustrated pamphlet from the Netherlands called "PCJ, Short Waves and Long Distances. In the middle of the pamphlet, pagesis a reproduction of learn more here listener letters received by the station back then.

The letters are not easily legible in the original or in the electronic copy. However, when scanned at high resolution they become easily readable, and we have now posted a PDF of these letters here. The letters, which are all in English save one, and at least five of the six from the date on one is illegibleare from the following places, starting at the center-top and going clockwise: Cape May, NJ; Douglas, AZ; Geidam, Nigeria; Rangoon, Burma handwritten ; and Hartford, CT year unclear. I believe the handwritten letter at center-bottom, only partially visible, continue reading in French; it appears to be from Beni Abbes, no.1 casino in goa panaji goa is in western Algeria. From the Rangoon letter: "I have strict instructions from my wife to wake her up as soon as you come through and although it is bitterly cold at that time she gets out of her warm bed.

As I only have one pair of phones at present I have to sit on the arm of her chair and every time there comes a particularly nice or loud piece she lifts up one phone slightly and I am allowed to bend down and listen. Here is a file with lotto baden wrttemberg de advise three read article stuffers from TI4NRH. The first is a short message from the station's friendly owner and founder, Amando Cespedes Marin. The second is a 4-page pamphlet, "The Voice of Costa Rica. During that month, TI4NRH broadcast a series of 31 special programs, each dedicated to a particular station, club, publication or online vampir kostenlos spiele in the shortwave world.

The pamphlet lists the honorees and their connection to TI4NRH. Among the business handled at "Radio-France," Saint-Assise, was telegram traffic. Here is a French-English promotional pamphlet that "Radio-France" made available to those wishing to send telegrams. It includes a list of corresponding stations in other countries, rate information, and three blanks for composing telegrams. Some of the stations listed were also known to carry some broadcast programming, including Transradio Internacional in Argentina, Amalgamated Wireless in Australia, and Transradio Espanola in Spain. Radio France Centre de T. It was at Saint-Assise, 25 miles southeast of Paris. Here are four files with postcard views of the installation. Principally a longwave station, it was at first divided into two parts.

The continental station, designed to serve Europe, could put out up to kw. A shortwave transmitting capability was added later, and a receiving no.1 casino in goa panaji goa was located at Villacresnes. The aerial structure included 16 towers, 44 miles of cable, 50 miles of copper ground wire, ands a mile-square's worth of copper plates. The postcards are in four files. File 1 The first contains three outside views of the administrative facilities, a view of the transcontinental left and continental right stations and antenna farms, and a view of one of the tower bases: File 2 the second contains four views of the transcontinental station; File 3 the third contains six views of the continental station; and File 4 the fourth contains three views of the shortwave station.

no.1 casino in goa panaji goa

Reichs-Rundfunk Gesellschaft "Zeesen" - In the days leading up to World War II, the German station, Reichs-Rundfunk Gesellschaft, commonly known as "Zeesen" after the transmitter locationwas one of the strongest on the bands. And it was no more info a leader in the new field of international radio propaganda. Starting circathe station replied to listener letters with a small 4 inch 78 rpm record. Here are scans of the record, together with MP3 files of the audio content, which is in German on one side, English on the other. British Forces Broadcasting Service - During and after World War II, quite a few of the larger British Forces Broadcasting Service stations had their own program guides. Here is one from the British forces mediumwave station, Rome, for the week beginning December 24, As this one indicates, schedules to North American listeners were at the time sent out from the German Library of Information in New York City, which the U.

Note the reference to the "Lord Haw-Haw" programs, as well as those of various American turncoats--Fred Kaltenbach, E. Ward, Otto Koischwitz "O. WWNY Test - DX tests "Courtesy Programs" have always been a staple of the BCB AM DXing hobby. One such test was conducted by WWNY in No.1 casino in goa panaji goa, NY, on Nov. Here is a file with an article from the Watertown Daily Times newspaper acknowledging some of the reception reports received, the WWNY QSL letter, and selected pages from both the NNRC and NRC club bulletins regarding the test. This is an example of how a DX event of the past can be brought to life through the use of multiple resources in this case a newspaper clipping, bulletin collections, and no.1 casino in goa panaji goa CPRV files. WWJ - The battle over who was the "first" broadcasting station in the U. Although most people give the prize to KDKA, WWJ has long made a strong case for the title. Here is a pamphlet issued by The Detroit News that describes both the newspaper and it's station, WWJ.

It looks like the pamphlet dates from the late s or early s. The station traces its lineage back to a predecessor amateur station, 8MK, which carried the newspaper's reports of the Michigan primaries over two months before the initial KDKA click at this page. African External Service Schedules - No.1 casino in goa panaji goa are several schedules of African stations that had external services transmitting on the international HF bands. They are: ELWAcirca ; Ghana Broadcasting Corp.

no.1 casino in goa panaji goa

Leopoldville oga c. Madagascarone-hour service on kHz. SORAFOM Societe de Radiodiffusion de la France d'Outre-Mer - Tuning through the 60 meter band today, it is hard to imagine the DX that could be heard on those frequencies 50 go ago. Among no.1 casino in goa panaji goa best sources of signals were the stations in the countries of what was then called French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa. Bymost of these countries had become independent, and their no.1 casino in goa panaji goa were affiliated with SORAFOM, Societe de Radiodiffusion de la France d'Outre-Mer, a French government organization formed in to aid development of broadcasting in the former French territories.

Here is a schedule of the SORAFOM stations as of September 30, As can be seen, most of the shortwave transmitters were 4 kw. Despite this low power, many were routine catches on east coast afternoons. It describes please click for source NBC networks "red" and "blue" in those daysstudios and artists, and then discusses NBC global activities. NBC was the source of much of the programming that went out over American shortwave stations in those, and a good deal of company promotion centered around the shortwave programs that were prepared for reception abroad and the foreign programming that was received here and rebroadcast over NBC domestic stations.

You can get the flavor of this in some of the pages in the second half of this pamphlet. A list of NBC network stations, including shortwavers, is on the next-to-the-last page. TI4NRH - Here is a 4-page folder from the well-known early Costa Rican shortwave station, TI4NRH. It contains a typewritten letter dated from station owner Amando Cespedes Marin to one Milton Carlson, W9FFQ, of Rockford, Illinois, inviting him click here listen and urging him to buy ACM's then soon-to-be-published book, "Me and Little Radio NRH," some sample pages of which he enclosed. The printed part of the folder also contains comments from prospective readers of the book, plus a summary of the book's contents. Set your PDF reader for side-by-side viewing for best effect on this casini. And look under " Book Reviews " on this site for a previously-posted review of "Me and No.1 casino in goa panaji goa Radio NRH.

What is noteworthy about it is the handstamp on the address side, "Radio Emisora Ti4NRH Heredia Costa Rica," and the handwritten notation, "Read it too Dec ," over ACM's signature. What do you suppose caused the recipient of the Signification passe manque roulette, who lived in North Dakota, to send it to ACM? And did No.1 casino in goa panaji goa read it over the air? CKFX, Vancouver, BC, Canada - Here is casion collection of materials about check this out CKFX, Vancouver, BC, Canada, prepared by Harold Sellers. It includes two histories of the station; some and notes from Arthur Cushen and Ben Krepp about the station's closing, together with Arthur's QSL; a CKFX-CKWX letter to Harold Sellers about the station; photos and diagrams of the station's equipment and its building; and four QSLs fromand from the CPRV collection.

Radio Canada International Monitoring Station - Here is some information about the RCI monitoring station in Stittsville, Ontario: some technical information about the RCI transmitter and monitoring plants ; a description of the monitoring station foa and some photos taken at Stittsville. Thanks to Harold Sellers for this. OXZ - A booklet, "Lyngby Radio Calling," which tells the story of Lyngby Radio, OXZ, the Danish coastal station whose history dates to Lyngby Radio ceased operating on shortwave on October 1, Thanks to Jim Cumbie of Texas for sending this in. Japan Wireless Oga Company - Here is a group of postcard views, undated, of Japan Wireless Telegraph Company facilities. The company, a semi-official organization, was formed in to assume control over the government commercial utility radio stations. There are six cards: a map of the country's stations, views of the Kaizo and Fukuoka receiving stations, and views of the Yosami, Haranomachi and Tomioka transmitting stations.

Broadcasting from the Prato Smeraldo site, "2RO" had a well-developed foreign service, as reflected in this June program oga. Radio Ghana - No doubt it has been some time since the postman has brought you a schedule for the External Service of Radio Ghana. Here is one for the period January-March Along with African political news, it contains the schedules for the station's six English services, two French services, and two Arabic services, together with services in Portuguese, Hausa and Swahili. Just reading the frequencies on the back csino reminds us -- not that we need it -- how much the shortwave scene has changed.

Ghana's external service began in the early s. In it was on,, kHz. It is hard to believe that it was over 30 years ago. Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation - Here is some interesting material on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation that was received from Martin Hadlow, Associate Professor at the University of Queensland in Australia.

Martin was actively involved in the development of the SIBC, and has sent a booklet which he produced commemorating the opening of the SIBC Broadcasting House intogether with a broadcasting-related First Day Cover issued by the Solomons in VU2ZP - Here is an interesting historical item from VU2ZP, an early Armed Forces Radio Service station located in Bangalore, India, in the "China-Burma-India" theater. A mediumwave station, it operated on kc. The Voice of Denmark - Here is a file containing three issues of "The Voice of Denmark," a quarterly newsletter published by that station's shortwave department.

Included are the newsletter's first issue, published in the fourth quarter ofplus issues from the third quarter of and the first quarter of Intended to appeal to a broad audience, there were articles in English, Danish and Spanish. The issue contains an introduction to the station and a description of the English department; the issue has an article and photo of WRTH publisher and Voice of Denmark DX bulletin preparer O. Lund Johansen; and the issue contains a photo of Hans Hansen, the "Saturday Night Club" host at the time. Each issue contains a schedule of the station's shortwave broadcasts. CHNXHalifax, Nova Scotia - Harold Sellers has written an interesting history about this former Canadian shortwave station that many listeners will remember operated on kHz. OTC, Leopoldville, the Belgian Congo - The This web page, both the Belgian and French parts, offered some of the most interesting listening in the s and s, with OTC located in the former, and Radio Brazzaville in the latter.

During the war, both had served as the colonial voice of their home countries. Afterwards, they retained a certain autonomy, broadcasting to the world from their exotic locations. The pamphlet we have posted from OTC appears to have been issued aroundand contains information about Belgium, the Congo, and the station itself. Part of Radiodiffusion Nationale Belge, OTC broadcast with 50 kw. Its audience orientation made it a favorite among shortwave listeners everywhere, and it often carried special programs for particular clubs. As noted in the pamphlet, it had DX programs in multiple languages, and OTC received so many letters from Sweden that it had a regular program in Swedish. No.1 casino in goa panaji goa lost its distinct identity inafter which it served as a relay of Brussels until Congolese independence in brought its closure.

Radio Australia - In "days of yore," many of the larger SWBC stations issued informative printed schedules to listeners on their mailing list. Some of these contained extensive program, time and frequency information. Here is one such schedule from Radio Australia. This one is from April it was issued quarterly. More on Biafra - Here is a recording of the Voice of Biafra made by Al Sizer on September 8,at UTC on kHz. Al introduces the recording, and notes that it was made on a DX receiver. The station IDs as "the Voice of Biafra, the external service of the Biafra Broadcasting Corporation," and the IDs are at and Thanks to John Herkimer for the recording. America Calling All Peoples - A pamphlet published by NBC's "International Division" in Before the VOA was created in pc games defense, American shortwave broadcasting was in private hands, and NBC an offspring of RCA was one of the leaders.

Operating 50 kw. WRCA and WNBI from Bound Brook, New Jersey later operated no.1 casino in goa panaji goa WBOU until it closed inthe NBC "International Division," which consisted of 65 people, broadcast to Europe and South America. Although clearly intended for promotional purposes, this piece contains some interesting history and evidences the national mood at the time, and the belief in the efficacy of international broadcasting. Of special interest is the "Addenda" blue pages at the end. It was added after Pearl Harbor, which apparently occurred while the pamphlet was being printed. This is London Calling!

Such was the case with this item from the BBC. The BBC "brings you the voices of the men and women of Britain, speaking to you while the sirens wail in the streets and the gunfire roars in the London sky. Pass this folder to your friends or send us the names and addresses of those you think would like to have information about the BBC short-wave programmes. The BBC North American service was set up in WOC, Davenport, Iowa - Here is a pamphlet called "A Personally Conducted Visit Thru WOC, Davenport, Iowa.

RADEX says the power was 1, watts, but the pamphlet says the transmitter was a 5, watter; see p. What makes this item interesting is the detail it contains about the station's appearance and operation. On the DX side, from p. Could it be true, as mentioned on p. We were reminded of this article when we recently received a nice e-mail from an ontheshortwaves follower in Spain who recognized the signature of his grandfather as the veri signer on Roger Legge's 140x220 bett Gurdia Civil Spanish Morocco QSL shown in the CPRV QSL Gallery. It is indeed a small world. Here is a brief, readable history of Radio Canada International. This pamphlet was prepared by RCI on the no.1 casino in goa panaji goa of its 50th anniversary, and covers the years It is printed in both English and French; these are the English pages. More TI4NRH - More on one of the very earliest and most famous SWBC stations, TI4NRH in Costa Rica.

Four Articles from Radio Amateur - Here are four short articles, with photos, from several issues of the British publication Radio Amateur, which carried some shortwave broadcast news, including features. These articles are about the "new" Radio Canada Centre in Montreal; the Go here of Denmark; the Swiss Shortwave Service; and OTC and ORU, the Belgian National Broadcasting Service stations this web page the Belgian Congo and Belgium respectively. TI4NRH - An article written by its "Creator, Constructor and Program Director," Amando Cespedes Marin, and published in the July issue of Short Wave Craft.

It was widely heard throughout the world, and Sr. ACM was a well-known figure among DXers. Thanks to PopComm for permission to post these. Also, from the collection of the Committee to Preserve Radio Verifications, a Euzkadi QSL and a recording of the station's ID from WUMS was one of the longest operating pirates, usually heard on the broadcast band. Here is the full story, vulkan casino berlin of Popular Communications, plus a WUMS QSL from the Committee to Preserve Radio Verifications.

Voice of America Brochures - Here are some multi-page pamphlets issued by the VOA. Here is a pamphlet that was issued by VOA at the time. Radio Biafra - How many remember the original Radio Biafra from ? Read about it in Don Jensen's September Popular Communications article, "The Life And Death of Radio Biafra," posted with permission of PopComm. The Deutscher Kurzwellensender - The Deutscher Kurzwellensender, Berlin, was one of the most powerful shortwave broadcasters in the s. Here is a German-English copy of their May program schedule for "Zone V, North Spielen spiele auto spiele jetzt including a quote from Herr H.

Jacko, the Broadcasting Kookaburra Early U. Broadcasting - Bob LaRose of Escondido, CA has sent along three interesting articles concerning early No.1 casino in goa panaji goa. While the emphasis in two of the articles is on the technical side, all articles provide interesting insights on how leading elements of the broadcast industry viewed international shortwave at the time. Is This the Oldest Catholic Radio No.1 casino in goa panaji goa in Latin Here It was published with the approval of the BBC, but apparently was authored by "The British Council" as one of its "Britain Advances" series covering "some of the things in which Britain has contributed notably to modern progress.

DeLotbiniere, from the August Ontario DX Association bulletin, Listening In. Portishead Radio no.1 casino in goa panaji goa Here is a well-illustrated history of the U. Jim Cumbie of Dallas, Texas has sent in some interesting items about U. They are in three collections: 1 WRUL-WYFRconsisting of two WRUL schedules and a brief history of WRUL's successor, WYFR; 2 KGEI, a Spanish-language brochure with English translation about the famous station, a brief KGEI history taken from the April-May of FEBC Broadcaster, and a KGEI QSL from ; and 3 Dixona history of the former VOA station in California. Radio SEAC, Ceylon - In the past we have posted some material about Radio SEAC in Ceylon. Here is a copy of the January issue of the station's "Forces' Radio Times," including the "BBC General Overseas Service" supplement. Check out the poem, "Radio Seduction," on the last page. KFKX, Hastings, Nebraska - A pamphlet issued circa by "Westinghouse Repeating Station" KFKX, Hastings, Nebraska.

KFKX was built in connection with the experimental use of shortwave c. Although the pamphlet makes no mention of the Hotel Clarke in connection with the station, part of KFKX was once located there, as indicated on this postcard view of the hotel which, judging from the cars, looks like it was issued around the same time as the pamphlet Broadcasting and the Australian Post Office, - Here is a brief but very nice and illustrated click at this page of broadcasting in Australia published in KGEI - An ontheshortwaves supporter in California has sent along some interesting drawings related to KGEI, San Remarkable, tasty bingo contact number phrase. He used to work near KGEI, obtained some drawings from the s and other artifacts from FEBC when they closed KGEI.

Knowing that the State Department asked GE to put a station on the air to counter Nazi propaganda in South America, and knowing that KGEI's antennas were directed to South America, why was KGEI thinking about expanding west? Note the barracks; the site was guarded. WJZ - Here is an interesting booklet from BCB station WJZ, New York City, with transmitters in Bound Brook, New Jersey. This is actually a QSL--see the handwritten verification statement on the inside front cover. There is also mention of shortwave on pages and page This is probably vintage or thereabouts. WTAS - Here is a booklet from WTAS, located at the Villa Olivia estate near Elgin, Illinois and broadcasting on meters, circa article source. This pamphlet is a great window into various aspects of radio life in Check out the "Ten Radio Commandments" on p.

And if you're in the neighborhood, use the free pass for a station tour! Armed Forces Radio Service - DXer Tetsuya Hirahara in Tokyo sends no.1 casino in goa panaji goa some photocopies obtained at the National Diet Library in Tokyo.

Economy & Policy

I believe and kc. KDKA - Here is a pamphlet from KDKA containing a list of American and other stations, photos of the KDKA facilities and station personalities, and a time line of KDKA "firsts. Rather than enter his dial settings in the spaces provided, this listener preferred to make his notes on the cover! NHK Japan - Here are some excerpts from the June edition of the monthly schedule of NHK-Japan. This issue commemorated their fifth anniversary of overseas broadcasting. Included is a brief summary of their first five years, their schedule, some letters from listeners, and a map showing the number of listener letters received during the five year period.

Miscellaneous Radio Items - Walt Salmaniw click at this page Victoria, British Columbia, has been doing a little shack cleaning and sent some scans of some interesting miscellaneous things from the period. These are 1 a Saudi Arabia schedule ; 2 an envelope from Difusoras no.1 casino in goa panaji goa Uruguay ; 3 a Radio Liberty schedule with sites ; 4 an envelope with a Canadian SWL International imprint ; 5 and two views of a schedule from Radio Cordac, Bujumbura, Burundi side 1side 2. Forces Radio Times - Produced by the British Forces Broadcasting Service, M. Middle East Land Forcesin conjunction with the BBC, No.1 casino in goa panaji goa, and showing the program lineup for September Times and frequencies for many of the "J" stations are shown.

Most are medium wave, but note the daily schedule for "Middle East Short Wave Station JCKW," kc. FBS via R. Athens is featured on the last page, along with programming for Indian troops over MW station JFPB in a place called. Also, see "The CPRV Gallery" for QSLs from JCKW Jerusalem, and FBS-MELF Malta HQ, BBC - Here is a brochure promoting the North American Service of the BBC. This pamphlet probably dates from the s. Here is a brochure about the service, produced by the Oblate Fathers circaalong with an accompanying postcard. VNG - Some photos and a recording from VNG, the Australian time signal station that was often heard until its close on December 31, Jim Cumbie of Texas sends along an article from Radio News, May"Short Waves in Siberia" about a combination utility-amateur station in Tomsk, Siberia.

A drawing, sent along by Horacio No.1 casino in goa panaji goa, Uruguay, from Revista TelegraficaBuenos Aires, No.1 casino in goa panaji goa,on the occasion of the worldwide broadcast of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony by Philips station PCCJ. A schedule in Portuguese from Radio Clube de Angola. BBC Broadcasting House - A picture of the cover of a BBC Spanish language leaflet showing Broadcasting House. No.1 casino in goa panaji goa Paradizabal - Cover of Argentine magazine 'Revista Radiotelefonica,'showing a drawing of the antenna of the first station in Montevideo, Estacion Paradizabal, located on the roof of the Hotel Florida - from Horacio A. Nigro, Uruguay. A photo from Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, from an Argentine magazine showing lk spiele control room for a station in "Gold Coast, Africa" that may be the predecessor to the current Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

A brochure from celebrating the 5th anniversary of ELWA, Liberia. RE CORDINGS "Voices blitz sky casino buffalo Victory" - Here is something that has nothing to do with DX, but is probably still interesting to DXers—an article about "Voices of Victory" records. These were recordings on cardboard blanks that World War II servicemen made for the folks back home. Read about them, and hear some examples. Brazil V - Here is a collection of 17 recordings of Brazilian shortwavers. Whether because Brazilians sounded a little less exotic, or because many operated in the higher frequency bands, or because Kostenlose browserspiele mit freunden was less familiar to the go here than Spanish, Brazil never had quite the DX cachet as Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, even though many were equally good DX--and they were better QSLers.

The stations are as follows ID locations in brackets : 1 Emissora Rural, A Voz de Sao FranciscoPetrolina, kHz. Aparecida, []; 3 R. Araguaia, []; 4 R. Clube de Teresina, []; 5 R. Clube do Para, []; 6 R. CulturaSao Have leovegas gaming ltd malta with,[]; 7 R. Educadora da BahiaSalvador,[]; 8 R. EducadoraGuaraja-Mirim,[, ]; 9 R. Guaruja Paulista, [, ]; 10 R. IpanemaRio de Janeiro,[, ]; 11 R. Nacional de Brasilia, [, ]; 12 R. PanamericanaSao Paulo,[]; 13 R. Rural, Santarem,[]; 14 R. TabajaraJoao Pessoa,[]; 15 R. Trans MundialSao Paulo,[, ]; 16 Rdfsra. AcreanaRio Branco,[]; and 17 Rdfsra. Pocos de Caldas, []. Peru III - Here is another group of Peruvian recordings, mostly from the 70s and 80s. The ID location is shown in [brackets]. The stations are as follows: 1 Estacion CMoyobamba, kHz, []; 2 La Voz del CampesinoHuarmaca, AmazonasIquitos,[, ]; 6 R.

AncashHuaraz,[, ]; 7 R. Arequipa, []; 8 R. Chotaread more, []; 9 R. ContinentalArequipa,[, ]; 10 R. El Sol de los AndesJuliaca,[]; 11 R. HorizonteChachapoyas, Huancayo ,

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