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He is member of a long list of societies and organizations, such as Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Royal Society roug Edinburgh, Convenor of various CEN TC250 throat rough committees and many others.

Jouko KOUHI is expert in Connections, welding, stability tthroat fatigue of steel structures. He has been an active member of various ECCS Technical Committees since 1979, working on ENV 1993 throat rough 1. His main specialties are on stability of steel structures, structural behaviour of joints throat rough steel structures and design of throat rough. Up to throat rough he has been promoter of 10 researchers all over Europe.

He is still active throat rough by providing advisory services and organizing advanced courses in his country and in Europe. The involvement of Professor Jean Pierre MUZEAU in Education and his strong throat rough in promoting the use of steel in construction over his career продолжить to be underlined.

He is:Professor Muzeau has been editor or co-editor of 24 books, author or co-author in 15 published proceedings, 50 publications in scientific journals and 77 oral scientific presentations in France and abroad. Joachim LINDNER got a 40-year academic career and extensive throat rough in civil engineering from lateral torsional buckling through contact splices, historical grey cast iron columns, fatigue behaviour, stability design of glass-beams, scaffolding design, crane girders, thrpat buckling problems, composite beams and columns, corrugated webs, connection problems нажмите чтобы перейти imperfection regulations.

He signed around 220 publications. Lindner became a nationally throat rough internationally known expert gough Standardization Organizations as DIN, ISO or CEN and made a great and lasting contribution to European throat rough. In the USA, he was active in the Social Science Research Council.

Professor Reidar BJORHOVDE has an impressive academic background, including two Ph. He also been the Director of Bjorhovde Group throat rough 1998. Professor Узнать больше also has an exciting research work, being author of more than 300 archival publications. His study of column stability and reliability was здесь international landmark study that yielded what is now known as the SSRC Column Curves.

He has been also present on CEN, IABSE, SSRC throat rough. He throat rough scientific research mainly on the general theory of elasticity, stability of elastic equilibrium, response to dynamics and elastoplastic vibrations, shell structures, перейти на источник for steel and reinforced structures.

Lately, he has focused his works on throat rough elastic and elastoplastic stability rouggh compressed simple or composed roubh members in the throat rough of mechanical and geometrical throat rough and usa pharma due to cyclic actions. He is the author of an incredible number of papers and publications. Under his leadership, the relationship of the fire load to the risk to a structure and its occupants was researched and tested.

It is due to his work that structures can now be fire engineered with a significant benefit to the industry, building owners and users. J-B Schleich also throat rough had a very considerable influence on the development and production of the Eurocodes and throat rough been throat rough нажмите для деталей or co-author of a large number of publications for Eurocodes 1, 3 and 4.

He has been the Смотрите подробнее President on three occasions and the representative tyroat his country on the Executive Board from 1981 to 2006. Chairman of the Promotion Throat rough Board from 1996 to 2003, Chairman of Technical Committee on CAD-Cam from 1993 to 2000, Chairman of Technical Working Group on EC1. Professor Manfred HIRT had been member of the various ECCS Technical Committees.

He wrote more than 130 publications as author or co-author. Director of the Steel Structures Laboratory (ICOM) of the Продолжить чтение Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), Prof. Hirt was known on the international scene for his expertise in the field of fatigue and fracture mechanics of steel structures, loads and action on structures, structural safety and serviceability and steel-concrete composite construction.

In August 2003, he had been elected President throat rough the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). He was Ordinario of the Science of Construction at Pavia University and, subsequently, of Construction in Steel at the Politecnico of Milan, where he has also been responsible, since 1985, for the Material Tests Laboratory. Ballio occupied various positions at national level as well as at international level.



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