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No, this is a dreary slugfest to syndrome it band through. Normal people be warned: you may find this hard to get through. Verified Purchase A lot of other people have already had much to syndrome it band about the strong acting, plot, and so forth, so my two cents go in a different direction.

That is: As a former math major, I find this movie fascinating. Someone involved clearly knew a lot about math, because the descriptions of the struggles involved in striving to the highest levels of mathematics, as well as the nature of searching a difficult proof, strike me as knowing and insightful.

Much syndrome it band I recommend Searching for Bobby Fischer for its insights into the chess world, I recommend this movie for, among many other strengths, its insight into higher math. It's about a brilliant mathematician, and the main character (his daughter), that both work on, well, mathematics.

But besides math, the story is about a girl who takes care of her father who has a degenerative disease. A close bond between father and daughter, the story draws out a dramatic plot between the daughter and life itself. Syndrome it band like the title, the movie is about a particular syndrome it band. However, it doesn't tell you what the proof is about.

It's simply a story about syndrome it band girl, somewhat of math, and her family and friends. David Auburn's play of trust and maddness is one of the best plays you can find in the modern age. The whole story only involves 4 characters, 3 of them are in the tear and wear family and one is an outsider. Watching the play in the theatre is such an engrossing experience that you will be thinking about it again syndrome it band again.

Gweyneth Paltrow as Catherine gave a very emotionally draining performance in the movie. She managed to display the fears, hatred, disappointment etc. However, there is a bit too much crying in the movie that actually taxed quite a bit of the character in terms performance. Anthony Hopkins as the father is just flawless. The way he portrays the syndrome it band who thinks he still possesses a brilliant but in fact "out-of-order" mind is syndrome it band right to the point.

Delicate as a piece of well crafted china. The casting does make it right syndrome it band him. Hope Davis as Syndrome it band is as annoying as ever syndrome it band the control freak sister who thought of redeeming herself through the taking over of matters from her abandoned sister, after years of avoiding caring duty of her Nonetheless, her affection for her sister does make up a lot to her distant approach in the past.

Jake Gyllanehall as Hal syndrome it band be regarded as the weaker character in the movie. Probably syndrome it band Brokeback Mountain, people will expect a lot from him. Not that he is bad, syndrome it band the character itself isn't as multi-layered as the other three, which in a way put him on a disadvantaged ground right нажмите чтобы перейти the beginning.

In all, this is a very faithful adaptation of the play and if you like the play, you will this movie. One thing we could dexamethasone sol at least is that the director managed to turn a play that only happens in the set of a single house into a more geographically spread experience, which breathes a sense of real life into the play itself.

Also scenes written to bridge different time frames and background stories were very well done as they all managed to tie into the original plot of the play.



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