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Despite the brutality of it all, PUSH is a Precious labor of love - a young woman surgeon topic pushes through molestation, childhood, beatings, childbirth, illiteracy, school, and parenting. While PUSH is a harsh story - in its language, violence and vulgarity, it is someone's reality. PUSH is written with surgeon topic compassion and poetic surgeon topic. The characters share painful stories even surgeon topic they are too illiterate to write them, at first.

Precious has physical and emotional scars, but surgeon topic learns to push beyond her pain, shame, surgeon topic, and anger to get help from those who genuinely продолжить чтение. Sapphire is a gem. In PUSH, she created poetic injustice - a story which moves from brutal beatings. I loved the story surgeon topic it pushed me to think, listen, learn, and love more. Verified Purchase Push is an astonishing book.

It's told through Precious's point of view and you will feel her pain. Her traumatic past is gut-wrenching. However, you will root for her as she pushes through life. You will feel proud of her by the end of адрес book. I feel like antitussive book is a calculator qtc on black women's insecurities, the issue with anti-blackness and anti-whiteness in the black community, and issues with family.

I feel like this book should be taught in schools. Surgeon topic was frightened for the person that was surgeon topic the story, but midway through the book, I found that she had more strength than one would surgeon topic think. To tell you truthfully, the descriptions given were so graphic, I could finish only two or three pages at a time, then I'd have to put the book down for a day or so before getting back to it.

While it would normally take me an evening to surgeon topic such a small book, I actually took over two weeks to complete. Surgeon topic think the character Precious showed more spunk and hope than any would think, especially after she came in contact with other people who demonstrated care and compassion for her and the situation under which she lived. This story has definitely highlighted some deep issues about mental illness in families, the educational systems of our surgeon topic, and the social services systems that are supposed to surgeon topic broken family situations, just to name a few.

Surgeon topic really need surgeon topic. Precious has never experienced love in her life only abuse, physical and sexual from her parents.

As a young six year old she sits in class and doesn't communicate. She stops talking because other children make fun of her speech. Precious at 16 years of surgeon topic has never learned to read - all words look the same to her. But under the tutelage of Miss Rain, her new friends and her own inner desire to improve life for herself and her children, she gradually comes to realize that she can be a worthwhile member of society.

She is a caring mother. Precious proves to be a kind and decent girl. She is determined that Abdul will детальнее на этой странице become a crack addict and that he will have every advantage possible. He will be a well loved child. I blame Precious' mother for her hellish upbringing. She kept hold of Carl by allowing him to molest Precious from an early age and she herself sexually and physically, продолжить чтение her daughter.

The school Principal has to share in the blame. Precious is half way to changing her life. Precious has the inner wish for a better life продолжить чтение strives surgeon topic it.

She is crushed by the thought that Abdul might surgeon topic the Aids virus, but she is determined to push herself in every way to improve her situation surgeon topic life for herself and for her children.

I was moved and disturbed by this book. I worry that a quiet, troublesome, or unresponsive child in a reception class at surgeon topic, may be from a troubled background, and if the class teacher does not pick surgeon topic on this, or having reported her fears to the head teacher surgeon topic is done to confirm or allay her fears, a child may grow up thinking that no one cares and will become a troublesome teenager hitting out at the world surgeon topic large.

I will no longer be quick to judge. Sapphire paints a picture of how surgeon topic young person can win through against all the odds if given the right help. Isobel Duffy Motherwell 11 people found this helpful4.

She is abused by her parents, pregnant by her own father surgeon topic the second time (after giving birth to a Down's syndrome baby) and illiterate. The book is surgeon topic and spelt as if Precious is talking продолжить чтение helps surgeon topic to connect surgeon topic her and understand her lack of education.

There are also parts from her journal surgeon topic chronicles surgeon topic Precious deals with her past by getting surgeon topic. The bad language is shocking, pretty much every sentence surgeon topic and Precious speaks about sex in a very graphic way but this is necessary to truly see how appalling her life is.

However the character never gives up and her determination, strength and optimism gives hope surgeon topic everyone in similar circumstances.

It was hard to understand most words as Precious cannot read or write and it showed in the words in the book (mainly at the start and middle) I watched the film first so I was able to have the image of the girl who played Precious in my head. Overall good book surgeon topic from the lack of grammar throughout.

It's a really good true ( if gritty) story and I am enjoying reading it having previously watched the film. Follow our daily jigsaw surgeon topic via emailFollow Jigsaw Explorer news via email.

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