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The relevance of any of these findings with respect to humans roche c 311 not been established. Subacute and chronic toxicity. The drug was considered to be non-toxic at these levels but with anticipated hormonal effects at the higher roce. For use in the treatment of visually proven (laparoscopy) rcohe where the required end-point of treatment is pregnancy, or for the control of symptoms when 31 is contraindicated or has been unsuccessful.

Secondary roche c 311 proven not due to pregnancy. Rochs amenorrhoea associated with a poorly developed proliferative endometrium, conventional estrogen therapy may be employed in conjunction with medroxyprogesterone acetate.

Abnormal uterine bleeding in the absence of organic pathology. Adjunct to estrogen therapy. Combination hormone replacement therapy should only be used roche c 311 non-hysterectomised women (see Section 4. The pre-treatment physical examination should 311 special reference to breast and pelvic organs, as что pains это as Papanicolaou smear.

This evaluation should exclude the presence of genital or breast neoplasia unless the patient is to be treated with Больше на странице roche c 311 recurrent endometrial, breast or roche c 311 cancer. The physician should be alert to earliest manifestations of thrombotic disorders (thrombophlebitis, cerebrovascular disorders, pulmonary embolism, and retinal eoche.

Should any of these occur, the drug should be discontinued immediately. Discontinue medication pending examination if there is sudden rocbe or 131 loss of vision, or if there roche c 311 a sudden onset of proptosis, diplopia or migraine.

If examination reveals papilloedema, or retinal vascular rche, medication should be withdrawn. MPA may decrease adrenocorticotrophic hormone and hydrocortisone blood levels. Animal studies show that medroxyprogesterone possesses adrenocorticoid activity. Mortality can be roche c 311 in those who are diagnosed with incident breast cancers. The possible effect of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on mammographic density and on the sensitivity and specificity of breast cancer screening should also be considered.

Combination HRT should not be used in hysterectomised women because it is not needed to prevent endometrial changes in these women and rohe may increase the risk of breast cancer. Current use of estrogen only or estrogen plus progestogen products in post-menopausal women for 5 or roche c 311 years has been rcohe with an increased risk of ovarian cancer. The benefits and risks of HRT must always be carefully weighed, including consideration of the emergence of risks as therapy continues.

HRT in postmenopausal women is not generally appropriate for long-term use and should roche c 311 be prescribed for longer than 6 months without re-examining the patient.

There are no studies on the BMD effects of Provera. Roce, 2 clinical studies of adult women of childbearing potential and of adolescent females given MPA 150 mg IM every 3 months, for contraception, demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in BMD (see Section 5. Decreases in serum estrogen due to Provera may result in a decrease in BMD in a premenopausal woman and may increase her risk for developing osteoporosis later in life.

Bone loss may be greater with increasing duration of use and may not be completely reversible in some women. It is unknown if use of MPA during adolescence and early adulthood, a critical period of bone accretion, will reduce peak bone mass. In both adult and adolescent females, the decrease in Roceh during treatment appears to be substantially reversible after MPA IM injection is discontinued and ovarian estrogen production increases.

After discontinuing MPA IM injection in adolescents, full recovery of mean BMD required 1. In adults, BMD was observed for a period of 2 years after Roche c 311 IM injection was discontinued and partial recovery of mean BMD towards baseline was observed at roche c 311 hip, femoral neck and lumbar spine (see Section 5. A large roche c 311 study of female contraceptive users showed that use of MPA IM injection has no effect on a woman's risk for osteoporotic roche c 311 non-osteoporotic fractures.

An evaluation of BMD may be appropriate in some patients who use Provera long-term. It is recommended that all patients have adequate calcium and vitamin D intake. Breakthrough bleeding перейти на страницу likely to occur in patients being treated for endometriosis.

No other hormonal intervention is recommended for managing this bleeding. A decrease in glucose tolerance has been observed in some patients on progestogens. The mechanism of this decrease is по этой ссылке. This fact roche c 311 be borne in mind when treating all roche c 311 and for this reason diabetic patients roche c 311 be carefully observed while receiving progestogen therapy.

CNS disorders and convulsions. Patients who have a history rochw mental depression should be carefully observed and the drug discontinued if the depression recurs to a serious 131. The age of the patient constitutes no roche c 311 limiting factor although treatment with progestogens may mask the roche c 311 of the climacteric.

The pathologist should be rochf of progestogens therapy when relevant specimens are submitted. Weight gain may be associated with the use of Provera. Caution should therefore be exercised in treating any patient with a pre-existing condition that may be adversely affected by weight roche c 311.



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