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Monitor EBV serology treatment. Patients receiving immunosuppressants, including PROGRAF, are at increased risk of developing bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoal infections, including opportunistic infections.

These infections may lead to serious, including fatal, outcomes. Medication errors, including substitution and dispensing errors, between tacrolimus immediate-release products and tacrolimus extended-release products were reported outside the U.

This led to serious adverse reactions, including graft rejection, or other adverse reactions due to under-or overexposure to tacrolimus. PROGRAF is not interchangeable or substitutable for tacrolimus extended-release products. Changes between Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum immediate-release and extended-release dosage forms must occur under physician supervision. PROGRAF was shown broken back cause new onset diabetes mellitus in clinical trials of kidney, psychological health, and heart transplantation.

New onset diabetes after transplantation may be reversible in some patients. African-American and Hispanic kidney transplant patients are at an increased risk. PROGRAF, like other calcineurin inhibitors, can cause acute or chronic nephrotoxicity. Consider dosage reduction in patients with elevated serum creatinine and tacrolimus whole blood trough concentrations greater than Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum recommended range.

The risk for nephrotoxicity may increase when PROGRAF is concomitantly administered with CYP3A inhibitors (by increasing tacrolimus whole blood concentrations) Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum drugs associated with nephrotoxicity (e.

PROGRAF may cause a spectrum of neurotoxicities. As symptoms may be associated with tacrolimus whole blood trough concentrations at or above the recommended range, monitor for neurologic symptoms and consider dosage reduction or Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum of PROGRAF if neurotoxicity occurs. Hyperkalemia has been reported with PROGRAF use. Serum potassium levels should be monitored. Careful consideration should be given prior to use of other agents also associated with увидеть больше (e.

Monitor serum potassium levels periodically during treatment. The control of blood pressure can be accomplished with any of the common antihypertensive agents, though careful consideration should be given prior to use of antihypertensive agents associated with hyperkalemia (e.

Anaphylactic reactions Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum occurred with injectables containing castor oil derivatives, including PROGRAF, in a small percentage of patients (0. The exact cause of these reactions is not known. PROGRAF injection should be reserved for patients who are unable to take PROGRAF orally. PROGRAF is not recommended for use with sirolimus:When Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum PROGRAF with strong CYP3A4 inhibitors (e.

A rapid, sharp rise Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum tacrolimus levels has been reported after co-administration with a strong CYP3A4 inhibitor, clarithromycin, despite an initial reduction of tacrolimus dose.

Avoid PROGRAF in patients with congenital long QT syndrome. In patients with congestive heart failure, bradyarrhythmias, those taking certain antiarrhythmic medications or other medicinal products that lead to QT prolongation, and those with electrolyte disturbances such as hypokalemia, hypocalcemia, or hypomagnesemia, consider obtaining electrocardiograms and Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, calcium) periodically during treatment.

Myocardial hypertrophy has been reported in infants, children, and adults, particularly those with high tacrolimus trough concentrations, and is generally manifested по этому сообщению echocardiographically demonstrated concentric increases in left ventricular posterior wall and interventricular septum thickness.

This condition appears reversible in most cases following Northera (Droxidopa Capsules)- Multum reduction or discontinuance of therapy. Whenever possible, administer the complete complement of vaccines before transplantation and treatment with PROGRAF.



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