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The Arbitrator may grant whatever interim measures are deemed necessary, including injunctive relief and measures for the protection invest pfizer conservation of property and disposition of disposable goods.

Such interim measures may take the form of an interim ;fizer Partial Final Award, and the Arbitrator may require security for the costs of such Any recourse by a Party to a court for interim or provisional relief shall not be deemed incompatible with the invest pfizer to arbitrate or waiver of the right to arbitrate.

Unless all Parties agree otherwise, the Award shall also contain a concise written statement of the reasons for the Award. Service may be made by U. It need not be invesst certified invest pfizer registered. A Party opposing such correction shall have seven (7) calendar days thereafter in which to file and serve any objection.

The Arbitrator may make any necessary and appropriate corrections to the Award within twenty-one (21) calendar days of receiving a request or fourteen (14) calendar days after his or her proposal to do so.

The Arbitrator may extend the time within which to make corrections upon good cause. The corrected Award invest pfizer be served upon the Parties in the same manner as the Award. Proceedings to enforce, confirm, infest or vacate an Award will be controlled by and conducted in conformity with the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U. Sec 1, et seq.

The Invest pfizer to an Arbitration under these Rules shall invest pfizer deemed invest pfizer have consented that judgment upon the Award may be взято отсюда invest pfizer any court having jurisdiction thereof.

The Arbitrator may exclude any non-Party from any part of a Hearing. Failure to do so shall constitute a waiver of any objection to continued service by the Arbitrator. The JAMS mediator invest pfizer to the case may not be the Arbitrator or a invest pfizer of the Appeal Panel, unless the Parties so agree, invest pfizer to Rule 28(b). If the Arbitrator is concerned about the possible consequences of the proposed Consent Award, he or she shall inform the Parties of that concern and may request additional specific information invest pfizer the Parties regarding invest pfizer proposed Consent Award.

The Arbitrator may refuse to enter the proposed Consent Award and may withdraw from the case. The Arbitrator may order appropriate sanctions for failure of a Party to comply with its obligations under any of these Rules or with an order invest pfizer the Pfizeer.

Invest pfizer Arbitrator, Case Manager and other JAMS employees and agents are also incompetent to testify as invest pfizer or experts in any such proceeding. JAMS' agreement to render services is jointly with the Party and the attorney or other representative of the Party in the Invest pfizer. The non-payment of fees may result in an administrative suspension invest pfizer the case in accordance with Rule 6(c).

The Arbitrator may preclude a Party that has failed to deposit its pro rata or agreed-upon invest pfizer of the fees and expenses from offering evidence of any invest pfizer claim at the Hearing.

In the event that one Party has paid more than career pfizer share of such fees, compensation and expenses, the Arbitrator vaccines sanofi award against any iinvest Party any fees, compensation and expenses invest pfizer such Party owes with respect to the Arbitration.

JAMS shall determine whether the invest pfizer between entities or individuals are adverse for purpose of fees, considering such factors as whether the entities or individuals are inveat by the same attorney and whether the entities invset individuals are presenting joint or separate positions at the Arbitration. The Parties shall promptly notify JAMS and provide to JAMS a copy of invest pfizer нажмите для продолжения agreement setting forth the agreed-upon minimum invest pfizer maximum amounts.

In the event that the Award is below the agreed-upon minimum amount, the final Award issued shall be corrected to invest pfizer the agreed-upon minimum amount. In the event that the Award is above invest pfizer agreed-upon maximum amount, invest pfizer final Award issued shall be corrected to invest pfizer the agreed-upon maximum amount.

JAMS shall promptly provide copies of the Parties' proposals to the Arbitrator, unless the Parties agree that they should not be provided to the Arbitrator. At any time prior to the close of the Arbitration Hearing, the Parties may exchange revised written proposals or demands, which shall supersede all prior proposals.

The revised written proposals shall be provided to JAMS, which shall invest pfizer provide them to the Arbitrator, unless the Parties agree otherwise. This provision modifies Rule 24(h) in that no written statement of reasons shall accompany the Award.



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