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The self talk can include: Acting angry or violent. Feeling anxious or edgy. Having flashbacks, nightmares, bad memories, or hallucinations. Being uninterested in daily life. Feeling afraid or helpless.

Feeling numb or detached from others. Not being able to recall вот ссылка of the traumatic event. Avoiding people or things that remind you of the event. Children who suffer from PTSD may have varied symptoms. These can include: Acting out or describing scary events, especially at playtime.

Having extreme temper tantrums, or overly violent behavior. Forgetting how to talk or not being able to talk. Becoming dependent on adults and not wanting to be left alone.

What читать полностью post-traumatic stress disorder. You may be at risk for PTSD if you are a: Soldier, veteran, prisoner of war, or victim of war. Survivor of rape or domestic violence. Survivor of sexual, physical, or verbal abuse or assault.

Survivor of an unexpected event, such as a terrorist attack or car wreck. Survivor of a natural disaster, such as a fire, hurricane, or earthquake. Person who responds to traumatic events, such as a firefighter, police officer, or rescue worker. Person who has a life-threatening illness. I feel depressed and lonely who has anxiety, depression, or a mental disorder.

Person who has experienced grief, such as the unexpected loss of a loved one. How is post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosed. Your doctor can diagnose PTSD. Страница post-traumatic stress disorder be prevented i feel depressed and lonely avoided.

These include: Talking to people or i feel depressed and lonely support after the event. Treating and managing previous or related health conditions, such as anxiety or depression. Learning how to cope i feel depressed and lonely trauma, especially if it occurs frequently in your line of work, such as when working as a firefighter. Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment Посмотреть больше are several options for treating and managing your PTSD.

Therapy also is a common treatment. Types of therapy include: psychotherapy, or talk therapy cognitive behavioral therapy relational therapy play therapy exposure therapy group therapy A doctor or therapist can teach you techniques to control your PTSD.

Living with post-traumatic stress disorder There is no cure for PTSD, but symptoms can go away. People who have PTSD may have related health conditions, such as: anxiety depression personality disorder obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) substance abuse or an addiction These other conditions need to be treated, as well. Questions to ask your doctor Will my PTSD ever i feel depressed and lonely away. What medicines i feel depressed and lonely PTSD, and do they need to be taken long-term.

I feel depressed and lonely type of therapy is best for me. Should I see a psychiatrist or psychologist. Посетить страницу you recommend a support group for people who have PTSD. Resources National Institute адрес страницы Mental Ссылка на подробности Post-traumatic Stress Disorder U.

Department of Veterans Affairs: PTSD for Children 6 Years and Younger Last Updated: September 24, 2019 This article was contributed by: familydoctor. PTSD, or posttraumatic stress disorder, is a set of reactions that can occur after someone has been through a traumatic event.

If you have experienced something traumatic and are still having problems читать больше weeks or more i feel depressed and lonely, talk to your GP or a mental health professional. How do I get help. Living through a traumatic experience is difficult enough, but people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often feel like the anguish will never end. PTSD is a serious mental health condition and anxiety disorder that develops after witnessing or experiencing psychological trauma or a terrifying event.

PTSD can also occur after learning that a traumatic event happened to a close family member or close friend. PTSD can interfere with relationships, work and social interactions. Post-traumatic stress disorder comes in two forms: chronic and acute. Acute stress disorder is a form of PTSD that occurs within one month following a trauma. Complex PTSD (C-PTSD), on the other hand, is a condition characterized by chronic post-traumatic stress that persists for months or years following the event.

There are a variety of signs and symptoms жмите PTSD. The characteristics of post-traumatic stress disorder vary from person to person, but PTSD symptoms generally fall into one of four categories. Additionally, people with PTSD продолжить turn to alcohol or drugs to numb their feelings or avoid their thoughts.

Alcohol abuse and drug addiction can become coexisting conditions along with PTSD.



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