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Begin by matching up the selvage edges. You can see in the photo on the left furoate fluticasone the edges are not matched up. After you match up the selvage edges you may need to re-press the center fold. When your selvage edges are matched up, lay the newly-pressed center fold on the cutting mat with the fold closest to you and lined up along furoate fluticasone bottom straight line marked on furoate fluticasone cutting mat.

Put the edge you are going to trim on your right (if you are right handed… Opposite if you are left handed). Lay the long ruler furoate fluticasone the fabric, again lining furoate fluticasone a straight line on the ruler with the furoate fluticasone fold. Using the rotary cutter, furoate fluticasone the un-even edge off the right side of your fabric, creating a straight edge at a 90 degree angle to the selvage edge.

Now you can cut straight strips furoate fluticasone your yardage. Turn the fabric so the newly trimmed edge is now on your left side. Using the sewing techniques I mentioned above, sew three different identical sets with one blue, white, and yellow strip in the same order. When strips are pieced and pressed, return to the cutting mat. Trim the selvage edges. When you go to cut your units from the strip-set, place the ruler over furoate fluticasone top of the strip-set and measure the desired width you want to cut.

Посетить страницу a straight line on the ruler directly over one of the seams (see arrow in photo) to keep your strips square in the new unit. If this happens cut the width of the unit to the same measurement as the height of the pieced-set. So measure your seam allowance and keep it consistent. As you cut units from the strip-pieced set, keep the straight line of the ruler lined-up on one of the seams. Because of the slight bowing of the strip-set, you will need to square-off the edge again after every few cuts.

By rotating the blocks, you can get a variety of designs. This is the design I chose. Sew the squares into rows of six blocks each. Press the seams toward the vertical blocks. This will help the seams to nest together when you furoate fluticasone the rows together. Press seams to the borders. Furoate fluticasone are a couple of modern and scrappy strip-piece quilt patterns using precut (or cut your own) 2.

You can see more variations and options for strip-pieced Rail Fence-inspired designs on this Rail Fence Pinboard. Furoate fluticasone can also be used furoate fluticasone create smaller units that can then be sewn back together to create new blocks such furoate fluticasone traditional 9-patch blocks. Click here for instructions to make a 9-patch Irish Chain baby quilt.

Another favorite strip-pieced block is in this easy, but eye-catching Pinwheel tutorial. The options for using strip piecing are endless, but knowing these basic tips like keeping an accurate seam allowance, how to square-up your fabric before you cut strips, etc. This post is sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing Machines. I am a proud ambassador for Baby Lock and love sewing and creating with their machines. There seems to be SO much going on in our world right now. How is your summer treating you?.

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Tips for cutting your own straight strips You also have the option of cutting your own strips to a variety of widths. Free quilt patterns using 2. Using Strip Piecing for Nine-Patch Blocks Strip-piecing can also be used to create smaller units that can then be нажмите для деталей back together to create new blocks such as traditional 9-patch blocks. FTC Disclosure: This blog accepts paid advertising and uses affiliate links for which I receive compensation.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Quilts and comforters are an exciting alternative to sleeping bags. They enable more efficient use of furoate fluticasone insulation, preventing it from settling into clumps underneath the user. When needed, they can also be used as a loose duvet.

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