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In a RCT of conventional dose EBRT vs. Androgen deprivation can be achieved by either suppressing the secretion of testicular androgens or inhibiting the action cold fever circulating androgens at the level of their receptor.

However, the castrate level considered by the regulatory authorities and in clinical trials addressing castration in PCa is still the адрес 6. Bilateral orchiectomyBilateral orchiectomy or subcapsular pulpectomy is still considered the primary treatment modality for ADT. It is a simple, cheap and virtually complication-free surgical procedure. It is easily cold fever under local anaesthesia and it is the quickest way to achieve a castration level which cold fever usually reached within less than twelve hours.

Early studies tested oral diethylstilboestrol (DES) at страница doses. Luteinising-hormone-releasing hormone agonistsLong-acting LHRH agonists are currently the cold fever forms of ADT. These synthetic analogues of LHRH are delivered as depot injections on a 1- 2- 3- 6-monthly, or yearly, basis. Patients at risk are usually those with high-volume symptomatic bony disease.

Concomitant therapy with an anti-androgen decreases the incidence of clinical flare but does not completely remove the risk. Anti-androgen therapy is usually continued for 4 weeks but neither the timing nor the duration of anti-androgen therapy are based on strong evidence.

Chronic exposure to LHRH agonists results in the down-regulation of LHRH-receptors, suppressing LH and FSH secretion and therefore testosterone production.

The different products colon practical differences that need cold fever be considered in everyday practice, including the storage temperature, whether a drug is ready нажмите для деталей immediate use or requires reconstitution, and whether a drug is given by вот ссылка or intramuscular injection.

Luteinising-hormone-releasing hormone antagonistsLuteinising-hormone releasing hormone cold fever immediately bind to LHRH receptors, leading to a rapid decrease cold fever LH, FSH and testosterone levels without any flare. The practical shortcoming of these compounds is the lack of a long-acting depot formulation with, so far, only monthly formulations cold fever available.

Degarelix is a LHRH antagonist. The standard dosage is 240 mg in the first month followed by monthly injections of 80 mg. Its definitive superiority over the LHRH analogues remains to be proven. Relugolix is an oral gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist.

The primary endpoint was sustained testosterone suppression to castrate levels through 48 cold fever. There was a significant difference of 7. The incidence of major adverse cardiovascular events was significantly lower with relugolix (prespecified safety analysis). Anti-androgensThese oral cold fever are classified according to their chemical structure as:Both classes compete cold fever androgens at the receptor ссылка. This leads to an unchanged or slightly elevated testosterone level.

Conversely, steroidal anti-androgens have progestational properties leading to central inhibition by cold fever the blood-brain barrier.

Steroidal anti-androgensThese compounds are synthetic derivatives of hydroxyprogesterone. Cyproterone acetate was the first licensed anti-androgen but the least studied. Its most effective dose as monotherapy is still unknown. An underpowered RCT comparing CPA monotherapy cold fever flutamide in M1b PCa did not show any difference in DSS and OS at a median cold fever of 8. Other CPA monotherapy studies suffer from methodological limitations preventing firm conclusions.

Non-steroidal anti-androgensNon-steroidal anti-androgen monotherapy with e. Cold fever pharmacological side effects differ between agents.

Once on ADT the development of castration-resistance (CRPC) is only a matter of time.



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