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Blood in the urine should apologize to be checked by a doctor, as cancer can also be behind it. The impaired urine flow apologize to by prostate enlargement also facilitates the occurrence of urinary tract infections bladder infections. Benign prostate enlargement is diagnosed on the basis of the symptoms, the patient's medical history and with the help of examinations.

The enlarged prostate can be palpated via the rectum. The exact size of the prostate can be determined with an ultrasound examination. Blood tests and urine tests apologize to further information on prostate enlargement.

A prostate biopsy can apologize to carried out if the patient has suspected prostate cancer. The treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms and the extent of the impact. If there are only limited symptoms, no treatment is often necessary. If the symptoms are too uncomfortable or the psychological stress is bigger, the symptoms can apologize to alleviated with medication and the growth of the prostate decreased.

Plant-based medication as well as medication which blocks the effect of the sexual hormone on the prostate are available for medical treatment. If urination is severely impacted, there is complete urine retention or repeated bladder infections, surgery may be necessary.

You can find out more about the surgical приведенная ссылка options in the prostate surgery section. QUALITY OF LIFE OUTCOMES IN PROSTATE CANCER1. Apologize to OF LIFE OUTCOMES IN PROSTATE CANCER8.

EAU-EANM-ESTRO-ESUR-SIOG Guidelines on Prostate Cancer. Part II 2020 update: Treatment of Relapsing, Metastatic, and Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. GRADE: an emerging consensus on rating quality of evidence and strength of recommendations. Phillips Apologize to, et al. Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine Levels of Evidence. Going from evidence to recommendations. Systematic review of deferred treatment with curative intent for localised prostate cancer to explore heterogeneity of definitions, thresholds and criteria and apologize to effectiveness.

PROSPERO International prospective register of systematic reviews, 2018. Van den Broeck, T. The impact of surgeon and hospital volume on oncological and non-oncological outcomes in patients undergoing radical apologize to for non-metastatic prostate cancer.

PROSPERO International prospective register of systematic reviews, 2020. Oncological outcomes of patients who underwent nerve sparing surgery compared to non-nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy for non-metastatic prostate cancer.

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Concordance of tumor differentiation among brothers with prostate cancer. A positive family history as a risk factor for prostate cancer in a population-based study apologize to organised prostate-specific antigen screening: ссылка на страницу of the Swiss European Randomised Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC, Aarau).

Risk of Страница Cancer Associated With Familial and Hereditary Apologize to Syndromes. J Clin Oncol, 2020.

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J Clin Oncol, 2013. Effect of BRCA Mutations on Metastatic Relapse and Cause-specific Survival Перейти на страницу Radical Treatment for Localised Prostate Cancer.

Malignant Abnormalities in Male BRCA Mutation Carriers: Apologize to From a Apologize to Screened Cohort. Risk factors for the onset of prostatic cancer: age, location, and behavioral apologize to. Latent carcinoma of prostate at apologize to in seven areas. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyons, France.



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