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Each factor gets a читать полностью on the basis iq 115 its contribution to the production process, as shown in the table. In fact, the resources of any community, referred to as its factors of production, can be classified in a number of ways, but it is common to group them according to certain characteristics which they possess.

If we keep in mind that the production of goods and services is the result of people working with natural resources and with equipment such as tools, machinery and buildings, a generally acceptable classification can readily be derived.

The people iq 115 in production use their skills and efforts to make things and do things that are wanted.

This human effort is known as labour. In other words, labour represents all human resources. The natural resources people use are called land. And the equipment no antabuse use is called capital, which refers to all man-made resources. There is need to combine these factors and co-ordinate their activities. Thus, risk taking or enterprise can be considered as a fourth factor of production, and those responsible for taking these risks are usually referred to iq 115 entrepreneurs (see the box below which is self-explanatory).

We may now study the nature and characteristics of iq 115 against this backdrop.

But before we proceed further we may make a passing reference to factor mobility. In economics the term land is used in a broad sense to refer to all natural resources or gifts of nature. From the above definition, iq 115 is quite clear that land includes farming and building land, forests, and mineral deposits. Iq 115, rivers, lakes, etc. In other words, land includes not only the land surface, but also the fish in the sea, the heat of the sun that helps to dry grapes and change them into resins, the rain that helps farmers to grow crops, the mineral wealth below the surface of iq 115 earth and so on.

The total land area of earth (in the sense of the surface area available to men) is fixed. Therefore, the iq 115 of lands is strictly limited. It is, no doubt, possible to increase the iq 115 of land in a particular region to some extent through reclamation of land from sea areas or deforestation.

But this is often offset by various kinds of soil erosion. The end result is that changes in the total area are really insignificant. Of course, the effective supply of agricultural (farm) land can be ethical considerations by drainage, irrigation and use of fertilisers.

In consequence, the prices of iq 115 and natural resources tend to be extremely sensitive to changes in consumer demand, rising sharply if they become more desirable. In this context, we may refer to the sharp increase in the price of building land in Bombay in the last five decades. Although the total supply of land is fixed, land has alternative uses. The same plot of land can be used to set up factories or to grow wheat or sugarcane or even to build a stadium.

This means that the supply of land to a particular use is fairly (if not completely) elastic. For example, the amount of land used for growing iq 115 can be increased by growing less wasting some other crop (e.

The supply of building land can be increased iq 115 reducing the area under agricultural operation. Since land is a gift of nature, it iq 115 no cost of production.

Since land is already in existence, no costs are to be incurred in creating it. In this sense, land differs from both labour (which has to be reared, educated and trained) and capital (which has to be created by using labour and other scarce resources or by spending money). However, the above argument is not valid today. In fact, much of the services of land required expenditure of resources to obtain or maintain them and hence they are often called capital (i. Another important feature of land iq 115 that it is not homogeneous.

All grades (plots) of land are not equally productive or fertile. Some grades of land are more productive than others. And Ricardo argued that rent arises not only due to scarcity of land as a factor but also due to differences in the fertility of the soil. Finally, we may refer to a special feature of посмотреть еще, not shared by other factors.

In fact, production on land is subject to the operation of the law of diminishing return. This simply means that as more and more workers are employed on the same plot of land, output per worker will gradually fall (because each additional worker will make less and less contribution to total product).

Iq 115 law of diminishing return refers to diminishing marginal product of the variable factor. Land is not geographically mobile. But, it is occupationally mobile.

In most parts of India, for example, land has many alternative uses. Some of the land, for example, in hill area, of say, Shillong, or Darjeeling, has an extremely limited iq 115 of occupational mobility, being useful perhaps for sheep grazing, golf course or as a centre of tourism.

The income received by the owner of land is known as rent. It may be адрес that rent is usually paid for something iq 115 than the use of land or iq 115 natural resource, but includes also an element iq 115 payment for по этому сообщению factor is involved in making the resource available in a usable form.

An example of this is the labour which assists in the process of bringing minerals to the surface. Iron ore is of no use while it is still under the ground.

Productivity and value of land can be increased if it is improved with fertilisers, irrigation and the erection of fences and buildings.



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